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To see 18 .mov files of 320x240 pixels, 1 .avi file of 120x80 pixels, 3 .mpg files of 240x180 pixels about Naxos island, its villages, beaches, about the monuments and historical sites and of course its capital, Naxos Town. You will need Quick Time Player to view the mov files, please click on the next image to get it, if it is not already installed in your pc.

Here is what you get to see in the .avi and .mpeg videos:


Ferry to Naxos:  The boat trip to Naxos island. The 8 second trip.avi video of 676KB of the Aegean Sea on our way to Naxos island. The entrance to the port of the island.


Naxos Town:  View of Naxos Town from the port, a walk to the old market and the castle of Naxos Town and a day and night view of "Palatia", Apollo's Temple. A 30 second Chora.mpg video of 4,22MB.


History of Naxos:  The Archaeological Museum of Naxos and a short tour of the exhibits, the Kouros of Melanes village, the Kouros of Apollonas village and some of the most important churches of the island. A 26 second History.mpg video of 3,58MB.


Villages of Naxos: The villages of Apollonas, Filoti, Apiranthos, Koronos. A 23 second Villages.mpg video of 3,19MB.


Beaches of Naxos: The beaches of Saint George, Agios Prokopis, Plaka and Mikri Vigla. Surfing in those beaches.A 30 second Beaches.mpg video of 4,23MB.

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